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Current Projects

Motivations for Participation in Bone Marrow Transplant Registry.  This study is collecting data from undergraduate students to understand motivators for participating in stem cell transplant registries as a donor and messaging strategies to increase participation and registry diversity. Data collection is currently ongoing.

Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. We are currently analyzing sleep data from long-term childhood cancer survivors collected as part of the CCSS Cohort Study.

Sleep in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant. This study, funded by the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Control, is using actigraphy and patient reported outcomes to describe sleep in the 2 weeks after patients undergo stem cell transplants.  Additionally, we are trying to understand if extending the time between vitals checks during this period can increase sleep and improve daytime functioning.

Sleep Health in Early Childhood.  In collaboration with the Early Learning Research Academy (ELRA) University School, we are conducted a survey of caregivers to understand how healthy sleep habits develop and how sleep and family functioning contributes to daytime behavior and academic functioning.  We also completed qualitative interviews in a sub-sample of this cohort and are currently analyzing this data.



Recent Publications