Current projects include:

Sleep in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant. This study, funded by the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Control, is using actigraphy and patient reported outcomes to describe sleep in the 2 weeks after patients undergo stem cell transplants.  Additionally, we are trying to understand if extending the time between vitals checks during this period can increase sleep and improve daytime functioning.         

Sleep Health in Early Childhood.  In collaboration with the Early Learning Research Academy (ELRA) University School, we are conducted a survey of caregivers to understand  how healthy sleep habits develop and how sleep and family functioning contributes to daytime behavior and academic functioning.  We also completed qualitative interviews in a sub-sample of this cohort and are currently analyzing this data. 

PROMIS Sleep Health in Oncology:  We are collaborating with the Pediatric PROMIS Team at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (PI: Chris Forrest, MD, Ph.D.) to test their newly developed PROMIS measure of Sleep Health in the Center for Childhood Cancer Research at CHOP. 

Sleep in Children with ALL and their Caregivers:  We continue to analyze data on sleep in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia during maintenance treatment.


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Behavioral Oncology 

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Center for Applied Clinical Research 

The Early Learning Research Academy University School

The Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

Dr. Shelia Garland and the Young Adult Cancer Canada PRIME Study     

Undergraduate Independent Study:

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Requirements:  Committing 2 semesters to the lab (1-3 credits per semester, 3 hours per week of lab work per credit)

                                   A minimum 3.5 GPA

                                   Completed Psychology Research Methods/Method and Theory

                                   An interest in further education or a profession related to psychology or medicine